Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Cloudcast #172 - The State of Containers

Before we get into it with Nick, we need to address the lingering issue of either Aaron or Brian running for a Board seat in the OpenStack Foundation.

Topic 1 - You recently moved out to Portland. How is the Portland scene and how is it working full-time on the west coast (Seattle, Portland, Bay Area) - all within an hour flight?
Topic 2 - As an “outsider”, any thoughts on the recent announcements from any of the big clouds (AWS, Google, vCloud, Microsoft, etc.) or cloud projects (OpenStack)?

Topic 3 - A few months ago you gave a couple talks about Docker that got very good reviews & feedback. We’ve discussed the pros & cons of Docker offline. Where do you see Docker and the Docker ecosystem these days?

Topic 4 - That logically leads us to the announcement yesterday by CoreOS (Eps.163 & Eps.107) about “Rocket”. Have you had a chance to play with it yet?

Topic 5 - What else are you tinkering with that’s cool these days?

Topic 6 - We should just announce now that Nick will be a monthly guest and him and Brian are going to discuss all the startups they invent while drinking at tradeshows.