Sunday, February 27, 2011

Episode 3 - "President of the Private Cloud" - show notes

The Cloudcast (.net) - Episode 3 - “President of the Private Cloud”
Date: February 28, 2011
Guest: Christian Reilly (@reillyusa) - The Loose Couple Blog (

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thank You to our Cloudology partners

When we started The Cloudcast, Aaron and I decided that if we wanted to have any level of authenticity that we had better eat our own dogfood. That meant that every aspect (possible) needed to involve Cloud-based technologies. So aside from some local recording/editing tools on the MacBookPro, I'm glad to say that we're 100% cloud-based. With that, we'd like to thank all of our cloud(techn)ology partners:
  • Buzzsprout for being incredibly awesome at hosting our cloudcasts
  • Google (Blogger) for hosting our website
  • Feedburner for keeping track of our statistics and stroking our egos
  • Twitter for integrating our public relations and marketing
  • Skype for being the official communications tools of The Cloudcast (.net)
  • iTunes and Stitcher for distributing the cloudcast to the curious masses