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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Cloudcast #206 - Experience Building Large-Scale Clouds

Description: Aaron and Brian talk to Jeff Dickey (@jeffdickey; Chief Innovation Officer @Redapt) and John Griffith (@jdg_8, Software Engineer @SolidFire) about the evolution of Redapt, best practices for building large-scale clouds, comparing OpenStack to Docker communities and how the ecosystem is changing from Vendor to SP to VAR.

Links from the show:

Topic 1 - Tell us about yourself and some background on Redapt.

Topic 1a - You both have OpenStack background. Why are you here at DockerCon?

Topic 2 - Aaron knows Redapt from his day job, but you really got on our radar the past few weeks with a bunch of announcements recently (eg CoreOS Fest + Tectonic). How did Redapt get involved with delivering solutions around these new Cloud Native frameworks?

Topic 3 - What you do is really a next-step in how companies are able to build or consume these new Cloud Native frameworks. How does Redapt go about pulling these systems together?

Topic 4 - We talked yesterday about your team. How do you keep the talent levels up to date on your team?

Topic 5 - Redapt is well-known in the cloud circles. What best practices can you take from your learnings and apply them to all these Enterprise and Mid-Market companies that want to do all the cool stuff we hear about here at DockerCon?