Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cloudcast - Eps.33 - "DevOps - One Year Later" + Show Notes

Guest: Nick Weaver (@lynxbatNickapedia blog) - Office of CTO @ EMC

Nick was on the podcast about a year ago to talk about the changing IT skills needed to begin looking at DevOp. Nick was recently named a Top-25 blogger by vSphere-land.

Topic 1 - Before we get into DevOps, Nick and Brian were at both VMware PEX and Cloud Connect last week. Let’s talk for a second about the difference between those two events, especially as it relates to managing clouds. Aaron contrasts this to CiscoLive in London a few weeks ago.

Topic 2 - The last time we talked about DevOps, we were focused on how an organization changes. We didn’t spend much time on the tools or best-practices of DevOps. What’s your take on today’s DevOps tools?

Topic 3 - One of the discussions at Cloud Connect was the idea that trying to build an IT environment that can service “legacy apps” (not designed for cloud) and newer cloud apps was potentially a dead-end. Do you think it’s possible that DevOps groups and Traditional IT group can co-exist, or are they better off being segmented?

Topic 4 - You got a chance to attend the session by Simon Wardley (@swardley). What were your thought on his observations and predictions?

Topic 5 - You had a Luke meets Yoda moment last week when you met Adrian Cockcroft (@adrianco) from NetFlix. What did you learn from him and what new projects can we expect that to inspire from you?