Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top Blog / Podcast Video Results - Thank You For Voting!

The results of the vsphere-land 2012 poll on the most popular Blogs, Podcasts, Videos came out today and we'd like to thank everyone that took the time to cast a vote for The Cloudcast (.NET) or any of the other excellent sites. Considering that this was our first year, we're extremely happy with the results:
  • Favorite Cloud Computing Blog - The Cloudcast (.NET) was #4
  • Favorite Podcast - The Cloudcast (.NET) was #4
  • Best Videos used in a Blog - The Cloudcast (.NET) was #5
  • Favorite New Blog - The Cloudcast (.NET) was #4
As we look at the various lists, a few thoughts come to mind:
  1. The number of people that are passionate about this segment of the market is incredible. Almost any technology area you're interested in (Virtualization, Storage, Networking, Scripting, Automation, etc.) is represented. 
  2. The level of sharing within this community is extremely high. You'll find that while some people on the list work for competing companies, they still actively help each other on projects and cross-functional activities.
  3. We had a number of the high-ranking people on the show in 2011, including - Nick Weaver, Chad Sakac, Steve Kaplan, Chris Colotti, Chris Hoff (almost) and Andi Mann.
  4. We only spend a small % of our time on VMware-related topics. It's great to see that ecosystem doing well and growing, but we also believe there is tons of growth and creativity outside the VMware ecosystem. This is good for Cloud Computing as a whole.
We're excited about what we have planned for the rest of 2012. As always, thank you to everyone that supports the show, and your feedback is always welcome.