Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Cloudcast #154 - AppStore APIs and Data to Help Build Better Apps

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Topic 1 - Your background is interesting and how it evolved into appFigures. Tell us about why you started the company and what the platforms tells you that you didn’t have before?

Topic 2 - You have an excellent talk on YouTube that starts to look at the math behind why apps are successful. Who is your typical user? Marketing, Development, etc. and what insight do each of those groups typically seek?

Topic 3 - In that talk, you highlight some insight that might not be obvious to everyone (eg. the power of comments; rankings in non-US markets, etc.). What are a couple tips you might give to any app developer?

Topic 4 - You recently released a number of updates to the platform and the APIs for accessing data across AppStores. What are the big changes, and what are developers asking for as mobile usage trends change?

Topic 5 - We’re always fascinated at the aggregate insight that owners of data platforms can learn across other platforms (eg. AppStores). Do you use that insight to consult for companies building apps? Are their recent trends you’re seeing that you didn’t expect?

Topic 6 - Obviously this is useful data for both paid and non-paid apps. Do you find the usage of your platform is similar for apps targeting consumers vs. targeting business?

Topic 7 - You have a job opening for a DevOps person. Tell us a little about your environment for the platform?