Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Cloudcast #130 - Hyper-Converged & Software-Defined Collide

Topic 1 - Give us some background on yourself and Atlantis Computing.

Topic 2 - Why is there such a glut of companies and technologies that are so crowded around hyper-converged, software-defined, in-server infrastructure right now? (Nutanix, Simplivity, Pure Storage, XtremIO, ScaleIO, ViPR, VMware VSAN, PernixData, Infinio, Nexenta, Virtsto (VMware), Whiptail, etc, etc, etc.) 

Topic 3 - What is USX? What did you learn from ILIO that makes sense for this now? What is the technology inside (and outside) of USX?

Topic 4 - We’re starting to hear people talk about Server-SAN or “Hot Workloads”. What does this really mean operationally to decide what data goes where and how to move it from “tier” to “tier” without problems?

Topic 5 - All of the database companies have already introduced in-memory technology. How would these work together?

Topic 6 - What’s the biggest barrier, organizationally, to adopting these hyper-converged architectures? Who runs the infrastructure now?