Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Cloudcast - #116 - Managed OpenStack and Cloud Foundry

Topic 1 - Blue Box Group has been around for a while (2003). How did you evolve to be focused on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry?

Topic 2 - Bluebox is a Cloud and Hosting provider, but you provide a set of operations/deployment tools on top of OpenStack. Is a place for providers to differentiate their services, or are they required to fill gaps in OpenStack functionality?

Topic 3 - Recently you’ve been vocal (via your blog) about the role of OpenStack and whether it makes sense for OpenStack to move up the stack into PaaS. Talk about your thinking in this space

Topic 4 - Where do you see the PaaS market vs the IaaS market today and how do you expect that to change in the next couple years? Do you expect to see defined lines or a blurring over time?

Topic 5 - As a Cloud provider, do you see OpenStack’s “openness” as a good thing for your business (customers can come and go), or a competitive threat because of the scale of certain providers?