Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Cloudcast - Eps.61 - Why New Applications are Moving to NoSQL

  1. Intro to Riak (Webinar Slides) -
  2. RICON 2012 Conference Videos
  3. NoSQL Basics -
  4. An Introduction to NoSQL Databases -
  5. 10 Things You Shoud Know about NoSQL -
  6. Professional NoSQL (Safari Books) -

Topic 1 - Let’s set the context first and talk about Basho. It’s a Database company, a Storage company, an open-source company and a services company. What types of problems does Basho technology solve? [Curious about offering both a database product and a storage product. Different users, but somewhat similar functions]

Topic 2 - Help us understand the basics of NoSQL and why it does things that couldn’t easily or cleanly be done with more traditional relational database technologies.

Topic 3 - There are a number of companies that make NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, etc.). Are all of those companies making similar products, or are there different use-cases for each of their approaches? Why do some applications choose some NoSQL models over others?

Topic 4 - A couple weeks ago Basho hosted an event called RICON, since your core product is called Riak. What were some of the unique insights or core learnings that came out of the conference? [Attendee Feedback / Summary]

Topic 5 - A few months you create a little bit of a rift because Basho extended support for Riak to CloudStack. It was portrayed in the media as “picking sides”, but you explained it as support for multiple open-source cloud projects. Talk about where you see the maturity of the open-source cloud market as a whole and what key indicators you’re watching as a CTO.