Monday, August 29, 2011

The Cloudcast - Eps.18 - "vCloud Director and vCloud Security" + Show Notes

Date: August 29, 2011

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Today we had an opportunity to do our very first LIVE podcast, from the VMware Community area at VMworld 2011. Big thanks to John Troyer (@jtroyer) for allowing us to participate in their community!
Chris gave us a quick overview of what’s new and what’s cool in vCloud 1.5 that was announced at the “Cloud Infrastructure” launch in July.

Both Mike and Chris spoke quite a bit about compliance in Cloud Computing environments, and the challenges (both technical & organizational) of getting people to trust these new environments. Mike also went into more detail about the "DLP" integration into vCloud 1.5

Aaron asked about how much of a treat security issues could be for Dev/Test environments, since it's usually an after-thought (if it exists at all)

We spent some time talking about the on-going challenges that exist as infrastructure (computer, network, storage, security) gets blurred together and IT organizations have to adjust their skills to keep up.

We asked Chris why vCenter Orchestrator had such limited buzz compared to other VMware tools (vCenter, vCloud Director). He wasn't sure, since it's a $0 (free) product. We discussed that it required customers to actually document their processes, which is often the last task on any project.

Aaron and Brian wrapped up the show by wishing a Happy Anniversary to both of our wives (coincidentally on the same day), who are both amazing in supporting our families and our careers, allowing us to be here at VMworld this week.

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