Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cloudcast - Eps.33 - "DevOps - One Year Later" + Show Notes

Top Blog / Podcast Video Results - Thank You For Voting!

The results of the vsphere-land 2012 poll on the most popular Blogs, Podcasts, Videos came out today and we'd like to thank everyone that took the time to cast a vote for The Cloudcast (.NET) or any of the other excellent sites. Considering that this was our first year, we're extremely happy with the results:
  • Favorite Cloud Computing Blog - The Cloudcast (.NET) was #4
  • Favorite Podcast - The Cloudcast (.NET) was #4
  • Best Videos used in a Blog - The Cloudcast (.NET) was #5
  • Favorite New Blog - The Cloudcast (.NET) was #4

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cloud Computing for Business Managers - Whiteboard Videos

As a follow-up to the previous series of Cloud Computing whiteboard videos, primarily focused on the technology aspects, we decided to create some videos that speak to business managers. The topics include:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Cloudcast - Eps.31 - "Securing Virtual Desktops" + Show Notes + Whiteboard

Date: Feb.9, 2012
Guest: Mike Foley (@mikefoley, Product Architect @ RSA

Mike Foley was previously on the podcast talking about security in a vCloud Director environment at VMworld 2011. This week we decided to add something new to the podcast, so Mike and Brian did a whiteboard video of their discuss (see below).