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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Introducing "ByteSized" DevOps Podcasts

Today we tried something a little different. As we've shifted the focus of the podcast to have more focus on SaaS, DevOps, Public Cloud and other topics, we've added number of new listeners (up 40% YoY). For many of them, these are new areas of technology. So we thought we'd add something new...

We're calling them "The Cloudcast - ByteSized", and they will be a series of ~ 10min podcasts that just cover the basics of a given topic or technology.

NOTE: We're still going to do (mostly) weekly shows in the normal formal as well. We'll just mix these in from time to time.

Here's the first batch. They should all be consumable independently, but we're also trying to loosely link them together.

You're the best audience in technology, so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Cloudcast - #95 - Ansible - Next Generation DevOps Tools


Topic 1 – Michael, you’ve got a very interesting background.  First off, you’re a Raleigh person, not a Silicon Valley guy.  You “grew up” at Red Hat and prior to Ansible you created Cobbler and even have some patents to your name in this space. Give everyone a little background.

Topic 2 - For those that aren’t familiar with Cobbler, what is it and why did you invent it?

Topic 3 – Let’s move on to Ansible, I attended your session today (my impressions).  What is Ansible and why AnsibleWorks?  Probably the first question you get, why Ansible and not Puppet/Chef?  Seems to be Configuration Management, App Delivery & CI (Continuous Integration or Delivery) all in one? Infrastructure as code - rPath and Bronto?  What is AnsibleWorks AWX?

Topic 4 – You were just on FLOSS Weekly and you are speaking here at OSCON, The product is under a GPL license.  does that differentiate you in the market?

Topic 5 - Technical Details - No Agent, talks SSH and can be written in anything that returns JSON?