Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Cloudcast #147 - Scalable OpenStack in Europe and Globally

Topic 1 - Who is eNovance and what is your background in OpenStack?

Topic 2 - eNovance is one of the leading contributors to OpenStack, but doesn't have their own distribution. What does it mean that you focus on contributing "upstream"? How do you help your customers get OpenStack?

Topic 3 - eNovance has roots in Europe. What activities are you part of outside the US and what is the view of OpenStack globally? What work have you done with France Telecom and Orange?

Topic 4 - There was an announcement around NFV. What does this mean and is it specific to carriers / telcos, or is it relevant to Enterprise customers too?

Topic 5 - Finding OpenStack skills are difficult to find. How do you help customers that want OpenStack but struggle to find the right skills to support it?