Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cloudcast - #114 - Evolving to SDN DevOps

Topic 1 - Tell us about your background as there are aspects that are traditional and some that are fairly bleeding-edge.

Topic 2 - You’ve been balancing “traditional networking” and SDN for at least the last couple years. How have you been trying to structure your thinking and learning about the new stuff? (example: there seems to now be a split between networking in the cloud controller and networking in the SDN controller. isn’t this confusing and potentially causing problems?)

Topic 3 - Part of your evolution has been to begin learning how to write code. This is unfamiliar territory for most networking engineers. How is that process going?

Topic 4 - You recently did a write-up on your first “SDN” project, that you call Network Control Manager. Walk us through what you did and how the project evolved?

Topic 5 - You interact with a broad range of customers. What are you seeing as their thinking as it relates to the evolution of networking?

Topic 6 - What has surprised you the most as you’ve dug into these technologies? Is there an “ah ha!” moment that has you thinking that this is really going to be different?