Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Cloudcast - #92 - Captain Morgan and the Real-Time Web

Where have we been over the last few weeks?

Some housecleaning items:
  • Eps.100 is coming up soon and we still have no idea what we’re planning.
  • Robert Scoble is now following the podcast. No idea why, but welcome aboard.
  • We were on The Geek Whisperers podcast, but apparently so bad that it never got published
  • Thanks to everyone that have been listening to The Mobilecast
  • Fun meeting a bunch of people that were fans of the podcast at CiscoLive, but two funny stories. (1) “Aaron is great, but you pretty much suck!”, (2) “I listen to your show for a good laugh”

Topic 1 – Who are you, what’s your background and why are you so passionate about “the real-time web”?

Topic 2 - In a past life you ran Nodester, which was a PaaS provider that focused on Node.js. Give us some of the details about the PaaS world and what is happening with Node.js (Joyent, embedded in Windows, part of PaaS platforms)

Topic 3 – What are the tools of the trade for people that are focused on real-time web? (frameworks, databases, etc.)

Topic 4 – One of the first things you did when we met was show me a bunch of applications you’re working on. Talk about some of those and what other cool real-time apps interest you.

Topic 5 - You’re now at Bechtel, working in the POMA group, focused on mobile apps. Tell us how that’s changing the way they do business (very cool stuff with Augmented Reality, etc.)