Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Cloudcast - Eps.84 - Red Hat OpenShift - Are We There Yet?

Topic 1 – RedHat hosted a day long PaaS boot camp of sorts yesterday as a pre-event to the OpenStack Summit here in Portland. Tell us about it.

Topic 2 – Before we dig into the product, help everyone understand where the PaaS market is at today. We keep hearing “Early Days”, what kind of progress are we making? Is this something that is still 5 years off?

Topic 3 – I have been playing around with OpenShift (give my impressions), what uses cases are you seeing becoming popular and what use cases do you anticipate long term?

Topic 4 – Tell us about about the different architectures, the HA and scalability built into the product as well as both the public and private (OpenShift Origin) versions. I’ve also noticed many mentions of OpenShift running on SE Linux, tell me about that. Does that apply to both the public and private and how is SELinux different? Is RHEL required for private cloud?

Topic 5 – There was an announcement today, any reactions or feedback?  How will/could OpenStack and OpenShift potentially tie together now or in the future?  I also noticed RedHat is now the #1 contributor to OpenStack, any feedback/comments there?

  • Companies contributing to OpenStack (Grizzly Analysis)
  • OpenShift Origin on OpenStack
  • OpenShift and SELinux (video) 
  • Installing OpenShift Origin using Vagrant
  • Installing OpenShift Origin using Vagrant and Puppet
  • Deploying OpenShift Origin on OpenStack using the HEAT API - video
  • Putting the PaaS in OpenStack - Slideshare