Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Cloudcast - Eps.81 - Data Gravity meets Lean Analytics

Topic 1 - Forget a thousand monkeys typing the works of Shakespeare, it's time for networked cloud monkeys, bringing the logic to the data, and evaluating the cost of change via physics. 

Topic 2 - Explore Dave McCrory's theory of Data Gravity, the application to systems, and the difference between data and information. The presentation from Cloud Connect:

Topic 3 - Computers are good for optimization, humans for recognition.
Topic 4 - The impact of big data, application of logic at a greater pace, and how can businesses gain advantage with advances in cloud in terms of intelligence gained.

Additional Topics / Discussions

  • Is "Big Data" a useful or useless discussion, vs. "Information Extraction"?
  • Are humans capable of making decisions in a world being driven by statistics and data?
  • Are networks the most valuable element of Cloud Computing, after the actual information?
  • What is the critical metric that EVERY company (or organization) should be measuring themselves against?
  • Why NoSQL should be called "NoJoin"
  • Why almost every modern application should be written with an "eventual consistency" model at the core.