Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Cloudcast #169 - DevOps Incident Management with BigPanda

Big Panda -

Topic 1 - Announced A Round and came out of stealth yesterday. Give us a quick overview of Big Panda and the problem you are trying to solve

Topic 1.5 - The service - Is it an aggregator, a single interface or a different way to create a contextual view of apps? “Command and Control?”

Topic 2 - Is this a service for Ops teams, or do you see developers wanting access to validate what Ops might be telling them? (Mention the Blog Post Above)

Topic 3 - What Big Data do you have in the background to drive faster incident closure?

Topic 4 - You integrate with ticketing systems like Service Now, Jira, BMC Remedy. What's a typical incident workflow when integrating with those tools?

Topic 5 - How do you keep the incident tagging consistent from all the different sources? How do you avoid conflicts as environments get larger, or the downstream services (generating events) change over time?

Topic 6 - Early use cases? Anything surprising emerging from the data?


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