Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Cloudcast #166 - Creating a Docker Cloud with Clocker

                Announcement from Cloudsoft -
                MeetUp Talk -
                Clocker on Github -
                #BrooklynCentral on IRC

Topic 1 - - Background on Andrew and CloudSoft (interesting that innovation is coming from outside the vendor community)

Topic 2 - Docker + Brooklyn + jClouds

Topic 3 - Lots of Docker projects getting started these days. Give us an overview of Clocker and what's the motivation to start a new project vs. using existing tools?

Topic 3a - What extra features does Clocker add to Docker?
  • Demand side
  • Brooklyn automation, example of Docker host cluster scaling policy for availability and HA policies for container resilience and restarting
  • Brooklyn application deployment
  • Supply side
  • Intelligent placement of containers
Topic 3b - Give an example of these placement strategies?
  • Breadth or depth first
  • CPU and RAM resource management and allocation
  • Affinity rules for entity co-location
  • CPU usage to allow performance management
  • Deterministic solution to resource optimisation
Topic 4 - The first I heard about Apache Brooklyn was when Clocker was announced. Talk about that project, community involvement.

Topic 5 - With so many additional Docker-related projects happening (networking, stateful containers, etc.), how broader to do expect Clocker to expand?

Topic 6 - Clocker can work across multiple Clouds (private & public) and interacts with jClouds as a broker across clouds. Talk about how that interaction works? What happens if the cloud doesn't natively support Docker (eg. AWS, OpenStack)?

Topic 6a - How can I use Clocker with my applications?
  • Any CAMP blueprint
  • Any Brooklyn entities or applications
Topic 6b - Can I use Docker Hub or other Docker registries like Artifactory or
  • Existing Dockerfile and from docker-library GitHub checkout
  • Direct push and pull coming soon
Topic 7- What are the next big steps that you’re focused on, and where are you hoping for significant community support?