Friday, October 3, 2014

The Cloudcast #164 - Full-Stack Real-Time Monitoring from the Cloud

DataDog -

Topic 1 - Let’s start with your background. The IT industry has been filled with tools that did monitoring & management in the past. What lead you to believe that DataDog was going to be something unique and better?

Topic 2 - At it’s core, the DataDog service appears to monitor anything. But it does this cool things where it creates a contextual picture of the environment. How do you get from monitoring inputs to such a rich picture of the environment? 

Topic 3 - The first time I saw the service, there was this cool “look-back correlation” capability that would align problems with activities that happened around that time (eg. performance problem; new code deployed). It was a great visual to answer “what changed?” Do you find people use more real-time capabilities or historical capabilities.

Topic 4 - The other capability that jumped out at me was the collaboration integration. Sometimes it’s hard to get teams to all use the same collaboration environments. Do you find that because you integrate some many external tools that it’s more natural to collaborate around DataDog

Topic 5 - Can you give us some perspective on what happens behind the scenes to collect, analyze, correlate and present all this information?

Topic 6 - What are the challenges of managing and scaling your own internal environment?

Topic 7 - What are the next big things DataDog is trying to solve for your customers? Is it complexity, or new markets like mobile, or something else?