Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Cloudcast #133 - The Cloud Foundry Foundation

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Cloud Foundry Website - Pivotal CF, CF Web Services, CF Open Source
Cloud Foundry Summit - June 9-11 (San Francisco)
This Week in Cloud Foundry (blog)
Cloud Foundry on GitHub
Topic 1 - Give us some of your background and then let’s talk about “Developer Advocacy”

Topic 2 - We’ve had James Watters (@wattersjames) on the podcast before, but it’s been a while. Where is Cloud Foundry today and what do all the different variations mean?

Topic 3 - What’s the difference between the Cloud Foundry CAB (Customer Advisory Board) and Cloud Foundry Foundation?

Topic 4 - Give us the “Forking for Dummies” overview of how it might affect the Cloud Foundry project(s)? Ad what’s happening with .NET support?

Topic 5 - We hear a lot of languages/frameworks that Cloud Foundry supports, but explain to us the concept of BuildPacks and why those are important?

Topic 6 - You’re involved in many hackathons and developer events. How do people typically get started - do they bring an existing app (eg. Java) or start something new?