Friday, February 28, 2014

The Cloudcast #132 - Cloud Apps need Borderless Security

Show Sponsors:SolidFire and Thousand Eyes

Topic 1 - Tell us about the company and the background of the team

Topic 2 - Let’s talk about the Core technologies within the Elastica CloudSOC platform (data analytics vs security vs policy)

Topic 3 - Is CloudSOC expandable or able to integrate with existing SOC? What SOC skills do you typically augment?

Topic 4 - The platform does analysis of various Cloud applications and environments. I’d imagine the politics of evaluating public providers can be somewhat tricky? Insight about the cloud? Sharing?

Topic 5 - Discuss what happens when a customer has a problem that is identified by CloudSOC? Is there a DVR function?

Topic 6 - Can non-cloud companies learn enough, fast enough to improve security products?