Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Cloudcast #134 - The Real Costs of Cloud Computing

Topic 1 - What’s the latest with Cloudability?

Topic 2 - AWS continues to grow, GCE is now officially out of beta, vCHS is officially out of beta. What big trends are you seeing in 2014? Anything from the new cloud offerings that surprised you?

Topic 3 - Are customers getting smarter about cloud costs, or are the tools making them smarter? Who usually acquires the Cloudability service and do they grasp concepts like Reserved Instances vs. Spot Instances?

Topic 4 - What is a common $/month spend before groups start looking for help, or have a “oh crap!!” moment? What’s still the biggest mistake people make, or the biggest unexpected line-item on their bill?

Topic 5 - Where do you think the biggest margins are in public cloud services, and where do you expect to see new services added?

Topic 6 - How much demand do you get from customers to do analysis of on-premise IT vs. public cloud?