Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Cloudcast – #121 – Does SaaS need better Security?

Topic 1 - What is the state of security in the SaaS market today?

Topic 2 - You recently joined Adallom, but they are launching soon (Nov.12th), so  give us the background on the founders and their technology?

Topic 3 - You mentioned that more and more SaaS providers are adding language to their SLAs that tries to indemnify them from data loss or data breaches. Isn’t that contrary to some people saying that “cloud is more secure” since they have to be compliant and have density of security professionals?

Topic 4 - Is Adallom a proxy for all SaaS sessions and data, or how does it monitor SaaS activity? Given the resources are in Tel Aviv, how much latency does that add?

Topic 5 - You know I have to ask this because of all the NSA stuff - does Adallom keep copies of the information they are monitoring for doing longer-term analysis and trending?