Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Cloudcast #120 - OpenStack DBaaS

Topic 1 - It’s somewhat unusual to see a France + Silicon Valley company. Introduce us to Continuent? And how are you involved in the OpenStack community?

Topic 2 - Your customers are some very big names. What database challenges do these customers have? What does Continuent provide that the native Database Clustering is missing?

Topic 3 - Your replication and clustering is focused on MySQL and Oracle. Lots of new applications are using NoSQL databases. Does the need for clustering and replication still exist when the redundancy has moved into the application?

Topic 4 - Openstack is beginning to offer a DBaaS project, “Trove”, which is somewhat of a AWS RDS clone. How does Continuent add value around the Trove project?

Topic 5 - What’s next for databases as we have more and more devices, 24x7 access patterns and people expecting everything faster, regardless of where the data is located?