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Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Cloudcast #316 - Automating to Improve Cloud Spending

Aaron and Brian talk with Jay Chapel (@parkmycloudjay, Co-Founder/CEO of ParkMyCloud) about the complexity of cloud pricing models, how IT and DevOps teams view spending differently, how to integrate monitoring and automation, and who is critical to making buying decisions in the cloud.

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Show Notes
  • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us about your background, why you started ParkMyCloud and how you’ve seen the market evolve since you got started (in 2015).
  • Topic 2 - ricing in the public cloud world has gotten both more complicated (e.g. no clouds do it the same way) and simpler (e.g. sustained usage discounts, free tiers, per-second billing, etc.). How do you see the market evolving, and how much of a barrier/burden is pricing “complexity” to public cloud adoption?
  • Topic 3 - You position ParkMyCloud separately for “For DevOps” and “For  IT”. How are you seeing those as two distinct use-cases or types of teams?
  • Topic 4 - ParkMyCloud not only monitors cloud costs and recommends areas for savings, but also includes automated tasks to take advantage of those optimizations. Tell us about the automation capabilities and how your customers get comfortable with that level of control in the platform.
  • Topic 5 - What are you seeing as the public cloud buying process these days? Who is involved, what criteria do they consider, and how do various stakeholders (CFO, Project Managers, Developers) continue to get cost visibility?