Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Cloudcast #354 - Prepping for a Product Launch

Aaron and Brian talk about some of the behind the scenes details on product launches - both new products and on-going updates.

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Show Notes

Topic 1
- Topic 1 - Let’s start with the basics. What’s the typical checklist before a product launch?
  • Timeline and schedule (New Product Introduction (NPI) Checklists/Supply Chain aspects)

  • Multiple groups (internal & external) involved

  • Early customer involvement and feedback

  • Go-to-Market (GTM) planning
 • Multiple Transfers-of-Information (TOI’s) end to end

Topic 2 - The product is ready to go to market. How much “stuff” has to be created for all the groups that might care about the product?
  • Documentation & Message Guides

  • Pricing Models (and SKUs)

  • Field Training

  • Customer Training

  • Support Training

  • Sales and Technical content

  • Demos

  • Press and Analyst Content

  • Competitive Content
Topic 3 - What do you consider a successful product launch?

Topic 4 - How have product launches changed over the years, for things you’ve worked on?

Topic 5 - What are some commons mistakes you see companies make with launches?