Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Cloudcast #177 - Operationalized OpenStack and NFV

Akanda - 
Akanda on GitHub -

Topic 1 - Akanda has some pretty interesting people running the company, and an interesting background because it’s a start-up but not really a start-up.

Topic 2 - Dreamhost spun out the Ceph work and that eventually got acquired by RedHat. Talk about the thinking behind when/why to spin-out technology into a commercial venture?

Topic 3 - We learned about Akanda via the Paris OpenStack Summit. We like that you’re focused on NFV instead of SDN. What’s your take on the current state of “software networking” across the variety of markets?

Topic 4 - Akanda is an open-source company. How does community interaction work with a market segment that hasn’t traditionally been about open-source?

Topic 5 - Is Akanda primarily targeting OpenStack environments, or do you see opportunities when OpenStack is getting bypassed and people are moving right to container based systems (Docker, Mesos, etc.)

Topic 6 - What’s a typical customer (or community) engagement with Akanda, and how much does the operational experience of Dreamhost play a factor in them working with your team?