Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Cloudcast #176 - Dev,Ops & VC Perspective on Modern Apps - Adrian’s GitHub Page - Adrian’s Blog - Adrian’s new Slideshare - Adrian’s old Slideshare - iOS apps for Tesla cars

Topic 1 - What did we get wrong on 2014 predictions?

Topic 2 - “dev view” vs. “ops view” of things, and the companies that are solving ops problems vs. companies solving dev problems in the same space (eg. Socketplane vs. Weave)

Topic 3 - How do VCs think about these high-valuation open-source companies?

Topic 4 - What's your take on the adoption rates of the bleeding edge, in terms of skills at various companies?

Topic 5 - Let's talk about NetflixOSS - what did it mean in terms of adoption vs encouraging engineers vs trying to find alternatives to AWS?

Topic 6 - You used to be a big fan of Google Glass. What's your take on wearables, IoT and apps around this space.