Friday, September 5, 2014

The Cloudcast #160 - The State of The Cloudcast - MidYear 2014

Topic 1 - Let’s do some housekeeping first
  • Show 160 - 60 shows in 52 weeks
  • Trying to Sound Better
  • Sponsor Stuff
  • Shows at Shows
  • Show feedback and possible big guests

Topic 2 - People are confused. We’ve talked about this for a while. Lydia Leung calls it Bi-Modal IT. We’ve watched the merging of crowds at VMworld with OpenStack Summit and OSCON. Can anyone make sense of the IT landscape today? Did VMware throw a monkey wrench in this theory?

Topic 3 - (Private Cloud) What’s going on with OpenStack and CloudStack? Is CloudStack dead?

Topic 4 - (Public Cloud) What’s going on with Amazon vs. Azure vs. GCE vs new folks like Digital Ocean? Is Rackspace dead?

Topic 5 - Open-Source projects are getting funding from VCs. Is that a recipe for growth or disaster? Docker is a great example of this. $40M in funding, $400M valuation. 100s of projects spun off Docker.

Topic 6 - Do you know anyone that isn’t trying to figure out how the trend towards software (Software-Defined, Software-Development, Automation) impacts their world and the next 5-20 years?

Topic 7- We always make predictions. What are yours for the next 12 months?