Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Cloudcast #142 - OpenDaylight meets OpenStack

About Neela Jacques (@NeelaJacques) - Executive Director at OpenDaylight Project. Drove SDDC vision and strategy @ VMware, now fostering innovation in Networking. Product Manager for VMware vCloud Suite, VMware VSPP program

Open Daylight (Homepage) -

Topic 1 - How did someone with background from Microsoft, Bain and VMware become the leader from an open-source networking project? 

Topic 2 - For anyone that isn’t a network-centric person, what is the Open Daylight Project? 

Topic 3 - Where is the traction for Controller-Based networking today? Is it a market segment (size), or a vertical market, or a few early use-cases (WAN, Wireless, Data Center)? 

Topic 4 - OpenStack Neutron, Open vSwitch, Openflow, Cisco ACI, VMware NSX, OVSdb - Where do all these things interconnect with Open Daylight? 

Topic 5 - We know that vendors are heavily involved with ODL, but what is the customer involvement? What about testing agencies for interop (eg. CableLabs, UNH, etc.)?