Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Cloudcast - #98 - Real-life AWS Apps and DevOps

Brian McCallion's blog:

Topic 1 – Before we discuss anything related to AWS, let’s talk about your background and how you got engaged in using AWS.

Topic 2 - What are the bring trends you’re seeing in the move to using AWS and how have those changed over the last couple years?

Topic 3 – Software development for the web has evolved into a loosely coupled framework of services and data. It’s sort of a hybrid between what’s called IaaS and PaaS. AWS has never really defined itself with those “labels”. Why do you think so many other platforms have gotten this wrong?

Topic 4 – You have been fairly vocal that AWS is “Enterprise-Ready” and that many people don’t understand what’s possible. Can you talk about some examples from your work to support this?

Topic 5 - Some have argued that AWS is becoming the defacto “Ops” in DevOps. You’ve been on the other side (in-house IT). Talk about what Ops looks like when using AWS.

Topic 6 – Every platform reaches a point where new features have diminishing returns. AWS has been adding new services fairly rapidly over the last 18 months. Are they getting closer to “complete”, or do you see them just starting to really accelerate on their learning curve? What services would you like to see added?