Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Cloudcast - Eps.85 - Nested Clouds and Application Portability

Topic 1a - Let’s talk about why Ravello believes the world needs a solution like this today and what unique problems it solves.

Topic 1b - What makes an application hypervisor different from existing hypervisors such as KVM or vSphere? 3 core components of the technology: 
  • HVX hypervisor
  • I/O overlay
  • Application framework. 
  • HVX is a translation layer between KVM/VSphere and an unmodified VM (essentially nested virtualization). The I/O Overlay is an SDN overlay.
Topic 2 - What applications and workloads are best suited to this solution? Reminds me of Lab Manager days and replicated a group of nested VM’s to create an entire environment, every developer had a parallel environment. he solution appears to be very developer and devops centric.

Topic 2a - This seems to be focused on existing applications (encapsulate within a VM). How did you get VCs to get excited about “legacy applications”?

Topic 3 - Process seems to be import or create VM’s, encapsulate application & VMs, host in public cloud to test (replicate as needed for scale tests).  I like the appearance of a “push button” to host in the cloud. Makes it easier for developers/users to push thing to public.

Topic 4 - What about pull down to your datacenter for production?