Friday, January 13, 2012

The Cloudcast - Eps.28 - "The Evolution of VARs in Cloud Computing" + Show Notes

Date: January 12, 2012 - 1pm ET
Guests: Bob Olwig (@bobolwig, VP Business Strategy & Marketing @ World Wide Technology (WWT), Bob’s Blog)

Topic 1 - Let’s talk about the markets. How are you seeing the evolution of customer’s business environments being both impacted by technology, but also being a driver for looking at new ways to leverage technology?

Topic 2 - In 2012, what is the role of leading VARs, such as WWT, in helping customers in solving those business challenges?

Topic 3 - If we strip off all the technology buzzwords, so much of what’s being thrown as companies is “Change, and Change Rapidly”. This involves People, Process and Technology. What are you finding is the most helpful initial steps in helping companies change the these elements.

Topic 4 - WWT leverages their Advanced Technology Center for a variety of functions including solution demos, training, solution integration. Can you talk about how the learnings from this environment are useful to customers?
Topic 5 - With customers across a variety of verticals and geographies, how are you able to take learnings from various customers and apply them across your business?

Topic 6 - How much impact are public Cloud services having on your business, both in terms of new opportunities and new challenges?

Topic 7 - WWT has made some significant investments in both integration capabilities (people skills, facilities), but also environments for customers to touch & feel the technologies before buying. How much has this impacted their buying decisions and how do you see these activities evolving?