Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Cloudcast #339 - Understanding Cryptocurrencies & Markets

Aaron talks with Jesse Proudman (@jesseproudman; Founder of @StrixLeviathan) about entrepreneurship, his new company Strix Leviathan, the basics of cryptocurrencies and markets, how these markets are evolving and what's next for their platform.

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Show Notes
  • Topic 1 - Jesse, catch everyone up on the last few years. You had a good exit at BlueBox and then went on to a DE (Distinguished Engineer) position at IBM.
  • Topic 2 - Tell us about your journey to founding Strix Leviathan and this interesting intersection of AI and cryptocurrency. Was this a hobby that turned into a passion which turned into your next thing?
  • Topic 2a (Lightning Round) - Some cryptocurrency basics
  1. What is a cryptocurrency? What does it use as it’s basis of value?

  2. How do the cryptocurrency markets work? What are the basic elements someone needs to understand?
  3. Cryptocurrencies have been crazy volatile for the last few years. Is it good to have currency be so volatile? 
  • Topic 3 - Cryptocurrency is in the early days. What are some of the struggles today you see and the challenges folks entering this market are facing. For instance in a TechCrunch article you mention API issues with trading as an example of the infancy of the platforms. What do you think happens to the market in the both the short and long term?
  • Topic 4 - What problem is Strix Leviathan ultimately trying to solve for?
  • Topic 5 - It appears the engine today is two parts: a cryptocurrency tracker (data ingestion) and a trading engine. Correct? Where does the AI part fit into all of that? Is it doing the analysis and making recommendations on trades or does it actually perform the trades?
  • Topic 6 - Just this week you received a $1.6M funding round. What’s next for the platform and where are you headed?
  • Topic 7 - You took a slightly unconventional approach to startup with BlueBox, what lessons did you learn that you will bring forward to this venture?