Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Cloudcast!

A few months ago, over the best that some hole-in-the-wall had to offer, Aaron Delp and I pondered the future. Without going into the details, it sounded a little bit like the "Be the Ball" scene from Caddyshack. While the prospect of being the foreman of an IT lumberyard has its merits, we just couldn't help but wonder if there wasn't more that we could offer. How could we play a larger role in the evolution of IT towards Cloud Computing and give something back to the community at the same time? 

So we started making a list of what that "next thing" might include, and it went something like this:
  1. It had to be fun. Life's too short and work is too long.
  2. It needed to involve people that are much smarter than ourselves, since we definitely don't know everything.
  3. It had to allow us to scratch our curiosity itch about all the changes happening in and around Cloud Computing.
  4. It needed to make us insanely famous and rich beyond our wildest dreams.
  5. It needed to be something that we'd find useful and hopefully others do too.
  6. It shouldn't suck, at least not too much.

So with that, we decided that we'd take the daily stream of 140 character conversations and personalities that fill part of our day and expand the discussions in a different format.  And it will be focused on all things related to the transitions in IT within the Data Center, around Cloud Computing and exploring how this is effecting people and business.  The plan is to deliver at least 83.33% of our goals with every show!! 

We hope you like it. Tell your friends. Send us your suggestions and feedback

[NOTE: I tried to find a picture of Aaron and I together, but didn't have any luck. The one above is us running the Cooper Bridge Run in Charleston. We're the ones in the red shirts.]