Monday, September 16, 2013

The Cloudcast - #101 - Software Defined Storage

Topic 1 - What are the big trend in Converged Infrastructure?
Topic 2 - Gluster intro for those unfamiliar, how does Gluster fit into the Red Hat big picture? 
Topic 3 - Tell us about Red Hat Storage Server (RHEL + Gluster + oVirt + XFS file system)
Topic 4 - Is the Red Hat Storage Server basically a converged infrastructure
Topic 5 - Gluster integration with OpenStack?
Topic 6 - Gluster Community Day - Thursday after this event. What are the highlights?
Topic 7 - What is the future of all these storage projects - Storage OS, Storage Hypervisor, something else?


  1. software storage is very important for users to keep clean their softwares