Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Episode 8 - "Get off your PaaS and Build Clouds" + show notes

Episode 8 - "Get off your PaaS and Build Clouds"
Date: April 22, 2011
Guests: Ed Saipetch (@edsai), Sr. Technical Director at Joyent, “Breathing Data” Blog

No sponsors or news this week (although we talk about the AWS outage)

Our interview notes:
  • Check out - Joyent's site for developers looking to work with node.js
  • Ed used to be with EMC as a vSpecialist, primarily focused on Service Providers and quite often Vblock. You went from focusing on IaaS to focusing on PaaS. What’s different?
  • You still primarily focus on the Service Provider market. What segments of that space are interesting and what do they want these days?
  • Who is Joyent? What do they make, how have they evolved, where are they going?
  • Joyent is interesting because they originally ran the backend operations via JoyentCloud (LinkedIn, Gilt Group) and now they are taking that knowledge and trying to productize it. I’ve seen mixed reviews about how successful this can be (repeatable, documented, DevOps to Dev/Test/Regression/Market). How does Joyent do it?
  • What is Node.js, is it a Joyent technology, or open-source, or something else? What is it good at?
  • How does Joyent or Node.js fit into the Cloud Foundry announcement?

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