Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Cloudcast #174 - The 2014 Year in Review & 2015 Predictions

Some 2014 Stats
  • 48 shows in 2014
  • Grew Listeners by 40% YoY
  • $2B in VC funding for our guests

Krispy Kreme Announcement ("The Donut Run") -

  • Make or Break year for OpenStack? - Result: Push
  • Where will Software-Defined be? - Result: Win
  • Converged Systems, Simplified Systems? - Result: Win
  • Large Companies making big bets - Result: Win

  • Containers, Containers, Containers
  • Nobody is valuing the learning curve
  • Nobody is valuing cloud management
  • What happens to all the open-source VC money
  • Do the SaaS apps go big, consolidate or stagnate?

Aaron’s 2015 Predictions:

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