Friday, June 6, 2014

The Cloudcast #148 - DevOps, WebScale & BigData at Gilt

Eric Bowman (@ebowman) - VP Architecture @ (@gilttech)

Topic 1 - You're another Reed College graduate (Steve Jobs, Luke Kaines, etc.). What's unique about that environment that is driving all these tech leaders?

Topic 2 -What does Operations look like behind the scenes at Gilt? How do you coordinate between Sales, Inventory, New Products,etc.

Topic 3 - What is "at scale" at Gilt and where have the breaking points been?

Topic 4 -Web-scale companies tend to reference to databases as "infrastructure". What does the database infrastructure look like at Gilt (key-value, scale, performance, resiliency, etc.)?

Topic 5 -What are the popular applications (both user-facing and behind-the-scenes) and how are they architected?  (lots of people still struggle with distributed, micro-services or modular apps vs. monolithic apps)

Topic 6 -When does Gilt decide it's a good idea to open-source projects or concepts? How does that factor into your ability to recruit & hire talent?

Topic 7 - What are the new people at Gilt asked to learn, or where are the interesting areas of learning - both in applications and data (real-time, Hadoop, etc.)?


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