Friday, December 7, 2012

The Cloudcast - Eps.68 - "Disrupting Open, Unified Storage with Ceph"

Topic 1 - Let’s start with the basics. Who is Inktank and what is Ceph?

Topic 2 - Open-Source Storage is getting to be a crowded market, with things like OpenStack Swift/Cinder, Nexenta, RedHat Gluster and some hybrid database/storage companies like Basho. Where does Inktank/Ceph fit in there?

Topic 3 - One of the keys to open-source projects is distributions, and community involvement. Is that somethink Inktank drives, or is the company (Inktank) somewhat separate from the Ceph project/community?

Topic 4 - Gina’s involved in training, which I asssume is part of the services that Inktank delivers. You’ve been writing alot about the transitions you’re dealing with in talking the users of Inktank/Ceph. Who are you training (developers vs. operations) and how has it been different than things you did at Dell or EMC?

Topic 5 - When companies are designing solutions using Ceph, where does Ceph stop and where does 3rd-party functionality come into play (eg. backup, DR, etc.)

Topic 6 -  What’s on your radar for 2013, either for Inktank, or technology trends, etc..?


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