Friday, August 9, 2013

The Cloudcast - #97 - Docker and PaaS Containers

Topic 1 – Solomon, you’ve been busy! Tell us what has happened since we spoke in November?

Topic 2 - I was in your session at OSCON on Docker. It was in a big room and packed, you were mobbed like a rockstar afterwards (and not just for the stickers).  Tell us about your session.  Seems like an active project, over 100 contributors and 2500 commits. Didn’t Docker and dotCloud also recently join the Linux foundation?

Topic 3 – I liked a few analogies you brought up in your session.  First was treating an application like a shipping container.  It makes the size and logistics standard no matter how it is transported or deployed. Another one was virtual machines were a hammer and all applications are a nail.

Topic 4 – Especially in the PaaS space I keep hearing more and more that the end result will be LXC (LinuX Containers) and cgroups instead of vm’s. Is this what you are doing under the covers? What are your thoughts on that? &Docker uses aufs (“Another Union File System”) for COW (copy on write), correct? Can you stack containers and how would that work? Deduplication for applications?

Topic 5 - Use Cases? As a consumer (user or developer), why would I care?