Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Cloudcast - Eps.82 - SDN, Big Data, Internet of Things and What's Next?

Topic 1 - Data gravity, the changing network, and the impact on cloud computing. Distributed vs local computing, the value of stateless computing, and the pioneers of the cloud (including Netflix and Facebook).

Topic 2 - Discussions of the large-scale distributed apps vs attempts to harden IT in B2B, and which one is winning. The upside of the "consumerization" of IT, better understanding of supply chains and customers.

Topic 3 - Excerpt from Geoffrey Moore's whitepaper around systems of record vs systems of engagement:

Topic 4 - Net: IT has to evolve to new business demands. Once you establish a query schema, you've locked down choices. Flexibility is key to asking questions business haven't identified as important yet.