Monday, January 5, 2015

The Cloudcast #175 - Machine Data & DevOps

Topic 1 - Hal - Tell us a little about yourself. Josh and I have known you for years in the virtualization community. How did you make the transition over to where you are today?

Topic 2 - Machine Data… Tell us about it, why it is important and what can you do with it.

Topic 3 - I see a few different use cases here, troubleshooting, monitoring, real time visibility into operations. I see two different ways to be “popular here”, what are the scenarios that attract folks to Splunk initially? As a follow up what are the real reasons and use cases that folks stick around (and become customers)

Topic 4 - Josh - Tell us about your implementation and experience at Cisco. You configured and operated a pretty massive setup back in the day.

Topic 5 - Developer Evangelism?

Topic 6 - How has the change to DevOps and microservices architectures affected the customers you talk too? Will we reach a tipping point anytime soon (going from emerging architecture to mainstream)