Friday, October 4, 2013

The Cloudcast – #113 – Is Data Center Management a House of Cards?

Topic 1 - Give us some of your team’s background, and some of the thinking behind the CloudPhysics architecture (local vApp, SaaS application, community card-building model)

Topic 2 - Why do you think we see so many ex-VMware people coming from the Storage group, or focusing on Storage-centric issues?

Topic 3 - We’ve spoken to a number of companies that are beginning to offer various IT services (not application-centric, IT-centric) as a SaaS offering - security, monitoring, etc. What has been customer feedback on this model?

Topic 4 - What does the card model provide that other management/monitoring models don’t provide? Is the single-pane-of-glass model dead in today’s era?

Topic 5 - Talk about the community card-builder model. What does the uptake look like, how much is transparent (community-visible vs. CP-visible-only)? Are you finding unique ideas/problems or some early community ego-building? Can external people make money submitting cards?

Topic 5 - The team obviously has quite a bit of VMware background and VMware community support. Is that the core focus for now, or are their plans to support other technologies (hypervisors, public clouds, etc.)?