Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Cloudcast – #100 – Constipated Unicorns and Cloud Bollocks

- HUGE Thank You to our audience
- Any good stories from VMworld?

  • Topic 1 - Why does cloud suck?
  • Topic 2 - If you were CEO of an OpenStack-centric company, what would be your strategy?
  • Topic 3 - What’s the biggest fear related to Cloud - Loss of Data, Loss of Jobs or Loss of Revenue?
  • Topic 4 - With unlimited funding, what technology startup would you create today?
  • Topic 5 - What if the world evolves to just AWS, Google and SaaS applications? What would be the interesting jobs or technology in 5-10 years?  [Smartphones are just Apple and Android]
  • Topic 6 - When vendor margins drop by 50%, or everything goes to the cloud, will all conferences be held in Portland? What's the new role of communities wrt cloud?