Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Cloudcast - #99 - Exploring Network Virtualization

  • Topic 1 - SDN, NFV - where does Network Virtualization fit into the big new world of networking terms and buzzwords?
  • Topic 2 - What are the most popular use-cases (existing problems) that Network Virtualization solves?
  • Topic 3 - How much of L2-L7 does NSX cover today? Will it tie into existing vCD L4-L7 services, or create a more open way to link in 3rd-party L4-L7?
  • Topic 4 - Talk about how SDN “Operations” differ from traditional IT capabilities, especially as concepts from Server Virtualization can be extended to the network (snapshot, rollback, cloning, DR, etc.)
  • Topic 5 - How does NSX align to OpenStack?
  • Topic 6 - We spoke with a few companies this week (Arista, Cumulus) that we running OVS natively on their top-of-rack edge switch. Do you think we’ll see that become a common deployment model?