Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Cloudcast (.net) - Eps.88 - SDN, Overlays, NFV, VXLAN, ODF and ...WTF??

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Topic 1 - Is the network industry as confused / confusing at seems?
  • OpenDaylight vs. Foglight
  • Nicira OpenFlow vs. no-OpenFlow vs. ovsDB vs. Network Virtualization
  • SDN vs. Network Virtualization

Topic 2 - Is this a L4-L7 game vs. L2-L3? Will them be appliances/vApps, or bundled?

Topic 3 - What are the interesting new use-cases that might be valuable for this new network technology?

Topic 4 - Will anyone except the largest web-scale companies figure out the separation of HW + SW (eg. whitebox network gear + 3rd-party OS)?

Topic 5 - What are you teaching people these days?