Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Cloudcast - Eps.56 - Securely Access Enterprise Files in the Cloud

Topic 1 - You’ve worked on the storage technologies that are considered “traditional, Enterprise” and now “Cloud”. What are the biggest differences and trends you see between those worlds in terms of expectations, consumption models, etc.

Topic 2 - Why hasn’t anybody established themselves as “DropBox for the Enterprise” yet?

Topic 3 - On a recent project, Oxygen Cloud was one of the key tools that allowed us to successfully collaborate between at least 4-5 groups, internally and externally, because we were moving really large files inside and outside the firewall. Unfortunately, we also used 2-3 other tools, for a variety of reasons (existing usage patterns; didn’t work through the firewall; file-size limits; download limits). Is there any trick to getting consistency within an Enterprise?

Topic 4 - You wrote a blog recently talking about the challenges of old applications vs. new applications. Oxygen Cloud is sort of an in-betweener. What are you hearing as you talk to various customers about their challenges between older applications and new applications?

Topic 5 - BYOD is one of the hot buzzwords in our industry, but it’s got the baggage of being associated with VDI, as well as too many people thinking it’s a device issue. Are we getting any closer to people understanding it’s about the DATA, not the DEVICE? Are we any closer to coming up with ways to secure DATA across applications?