Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Cloudcast - Eps.50 - Managing Security & Compliance in Public Cloud

Date: August 16, 2012
Guest: Phil Cox (@sec_prof) - Director of Security & Compliance @ Rightscale

Description: Brian talks with Phil Cox (@sec_prof), Director of Security and Compliance at Rightscale, about managing secure and compliant environments in the public cloud, as well as how Rightscale is helping next-gen IT evolve to be more agile.

Topic 1 - As a provider of paid services “from the public cloud”, I’m sure people ask if you run your own backend services (payment processing, etc.)  there as well. If you do, can you talk about how you manage things like PCI compliance? How is it different from other environments you’ve been involved with?

Topic 2 - Healthcare is always being mentioned as an area that could be significantly improved with EMR (Electronic Medical Records), as well as it’s cost structure being uncertain with Obamacare. This means many in healthcare are looking to cloud alternatives. How challenging is HIPPA in public clouds?

Topic 3 - Brian has written before that we’re probably going to see an evolving definition and usage of “Hybrid Cloud”. Can you talk about RightScale’s view of next gen IT and how multi-cloud environments will evolve? - Designing Private and Hybrid Clouds

Topic 4 - Rightscale tends to be well aligned with companies that are choosing to leverage the majority of their applications in the cloud. This directly impacts your role. Can you talk about your philosophy and best-practices for security and compliance in public clouds?

Topic 5 - Given your background with compliance, can you talk about how business should be thinking about that as they leverage multiple cloud platforms? How can Rightscale help businesses find that balance between moving quickly (in one or more clouds) and still being compliant?

Topic 6 - Rightscale recently acquired ShopForCloud. Are you seeing your customers looking for more integrated services across technology and business, or is this more about a shifting (or broadening) customer base that are looking to leverage Rightscale?